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January 31, 2013
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MTP: Queen of Hearts - Candice by CursedBunny MTP: Queen of Hearts - Candice by CursedBunny
[Edit] changed her outfit... but you can still draw her in her old one.

:bulletpink: Name: Candice (Queen of Hearts)
:bulletpink: Nickname: Candy
:bulletpink: Gender: Female
:bulletpink: Age: 14
:bulletpink: Likes: People who will do her bidding, hearts, scythes, red, plushies, sharp objects, death, big words, ribbons, weird clothes, anything that she's obsessed with at the moment, sweets, dragons, Jabberwockies
:bulletpink: Dislikes: People who don't do what she wants them to, people who get in her way, people who are wasteful, green, salamanders, slimy things, heat, vegetables

Additional info
:bulletblue: Hair color: Black
:bulletblue: Eye color: Yellow
:bulletblue: Height: 157 cm
:bulletblue: Weight: 54kg
:bulletblue: Special power: Beheading people with her scythe
:bulletblue: Quote: "Off with his head!"

Even though she's a queen, she's terribly shy - so shy that she often stutters when she talks. She tries very hard to force herself to approach people in order improve people's impressions of her, but in the end, she is a coward so she doesn't do it. She's not very good at explaining herself, and so she is often misunderstood.

Because she isn't good at dealing with people, her first reaction when people disobey her is the most extreme - to chop off their heads. Although this can partly be attributed to her fascination with death, the main reason why she does this is that she doesn't know how else to make people listen to her and do what she wants. She knows that the reason why most people are nice to her is only because they are afraid of her, but she herself is too much of a coward to try any other method of making them be nice to her. As such, she has a tendency to lock herself in her room to play with her stuffed animals by herself because she feels like they are her only real friends.

As the Queen, she is spoiled beyond belief - she can have anything at all that she wants, and she tends to hoard everything that she buys. At the same time though, she hates people who waste anything, and as such, anybody who throws away her stuff. In the end, this is not because she is a wonderful person but because she is actually very greedy and just wants everything.

Because she is so spoiled, she is often very snobby and she cries easily. She is used to having things her way (and is also quite bossy), and when they don't go her way, her reaction is to behead more people. She tends to have mood swings, where she'll be in a really good mood one moment and beheading someone the next.

When she is by herself, though, Candice is actually a very sweet girl. When she cares about someone, she cares about him or her quite a lot - although her love for people is very twisted because she is so lonely. While she knows that killing people makes people afraid of her so that they will listen, she doesn't truly understand why it is so bad. As such, she has a tendency to say evil things in a very innocent way, simply because she doesn't see what is wrong with what she's doing. If someone were to tell her that beheading people was bad, she would reply with a confused look, "Why is that? They were bad, so I killed them."

Candice would also be classified as a "stalker." She becomes obsessed with things - and people - and when she wants something, she MUST have it. If she doesn't get it, then heads fly, so her servants usually obtain it for her. When there is a person she is obsessed with, that person is forced to live in the castle with her, and she tries to make that person like her back, but in the end, that person is usually afraid of her and she ends up beheading him.

On the strange occasion that someone actually manages to become her friend though, she is incredibly loyal.

Candice grew up together with her older sister Edelweiss. She was very sheltered and was often bullied by Edelweiss. However, because Edelweiss was so sweet, no one ever would have suspected that, and Candice was too shy to tell anyone. Her psychotic, off-with-your-head side developed as a countermeasure to Edel's bullying. The two siblings fought constantly. In hopes of stopping Candice from harming Edel (they never managed to catch Edel red-handed), their parents decided to create the Kingdom of Hearts shortly before they died. And so they kicked Candice out of the White Kingdom, and told her to learn to love other people in the Kingdom of Hearts... but Candice continued to behead everyone anyways.

Note: Although Candice didn't know, the reason Edel bullied her was because her shyness was no good for a queen. Edel recognized that if her sister didn't become a stronger person, she could never be a good ruler.

With the King of Hearts, Leon:

Candice is known for attempting to behead the King on an hourly basis.
She is also known for failing at it, because for some reason, her scythe goes right through his neck without doing any beheading.
And so, at 6AM in the morning (or really, any time of the day), the castle is known to be very lively while Candice runs down the hall in full-yandere mode futilely attempting to behead him.
She also has a tendency to attempt to behead all the girls that Leon flirts with out of jealousy. He nearly always manages to stop her though.

Despite all the fighting she does with him, Candice is actually really close with him. He's one of the only people who she can talk to easily, and he also understands her quite well. Candice loves to see his art, and secretly (even though she chases him down trying to behead him afterwards) she doesn't really mind it when he hugs her.

Overall, Candice and Leon could be considered Wonderland's #1 Idiot Couple.

In relation to my other OCs... she is the only person who Koro and Rinne are afraid to play pranks on.

Candice (c) me

Original template and artwork:
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Micia96 Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, she looks adorable ;w;
Micia96 Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
youre very welcome ;w; <3
Alice953 Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconheplz: Would it make me a masochist if I say I like her personality? //shot
Would that make me a sadist since I created her personality? :iconheplz: //shot too
Alice953 Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconimsopervyplz: maybe~

After I read her information I can hear the voice at the back of my head says "I got to tell Candice to hurt me because she's too cute ~ oh yes I'm a perverted masochist ~"//slapped to the moon
Well then I must be a perverted sadist because I just thought that sounds like a fun idea :iconimsopervyplz:
....MUAHAHAHAHA :iconevilonionplz: //shot again
Alice953 Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconholyshitohmygodplz: //shot for what am I going to do

Me: Instantly throws self down to Candice's feet. "Oh to be graced by your beauty is the most wonderful thing in my whole life *A* Please punish me but I don't want to die yet"
Candice: Y-you think I'm beautiful? More beautiful than that dreadful, conniving sister of mine? :iconmoesmileplz:
Oh I'll gladly punish you... :icongrinfaceplz:
Alice953 Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Me: "Your sister may be beautiful. But my Queen, in my eyes I see you and only you. :iconiheartitplz: From the very moment I saw you I fell in love at first sight. Even the most beautiful rose isn't your rival when it comes to your beauty. Yes yes please punish me :iconchuplz: I've been a bad, bad girl. Whip me, step on me, anything that pleases you my Queen ~"

Btw bunny, can I draw your OC Candice? :iconwooowplz:
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